Scott, owner

As the owner of Visualize Entertainment and a full-time DJ in Key West, Scott knew what it took to create a fun environment for the local community.  He saw a need for this kind of entertainment and started thinking about ways he could make this a sustainable venture.  After researching how other companies ran their program, Scott took the idea just a little bit further.  Instead of just showing a movie at a local park, why not create a hub where people can search for a movie in their area or hire us for their own event?  “These days it’s all about bringing the community back together and I believe this is just the way to do it.”  – Scott


Maybe not a human, but Visualize Entertainment is the company that has kickstarted this program and a local event production company in Key West. Providing DJ service, lighting, and photo booths, Visualize Entertainment plays a big role in the wedding and private party industry in Key West.  Always looking for a way to give back to the community, we thought this would be the perfect way to do just that.  For more information about Visualize Entertainment, please click here for our website.